Class Topics 2Q2014

I’m now available for teaching classes.  I have 15+ years experience with Python and the Web, 5 with Django, and … many with Linux and Devops.  To see one of these talks, or to customize one for your group, please ping me at LinkedIn or visit the LA Django, SoCal AngularJS, or LA DevOps meetups.

Upcoming talks:

– Intermediate Django Class-based Views

Includes CBVs were a Mistake

– Modern Django Stack with WebSocket support


– Something Devops: high level, aka “Why All the Things?”

Dev and Operations can be seen as opposites.  From a high level, we have several “knobs” to twiddle in a company — Devops is one such arrangement.  How can we make concrete decisions to move our project forward?  How can we be creative enough to see the entire range of options? Most importantly: how can we work the least, to have the awesomest project, and enjoy the most amount of quality beer-drinking time?

– Something Devops: low level.  Devops as advanced programming, and vice versa

– Something Workflow with Knobs

aka “why not run production on my laptop?”

– Startup “handwaving with code” vs Durable Systems

– Lies, Damn Lies, and Benchmarking

– Old School Stuff means Less Work

aka “xargs ftw”

Historical Talks/Classes

– Twisted — high performance brain-melting asynchronous server

– Intro to Programming with Python

– Python for Visual Effects Artists