link: Functional Programming in companies

There’s a lot of interest and mystery about Functional Programming.  This is one of an ongoing series of posts about it.

In the linked post, author Duncan McGreggor estimates only 10-20% of US tech companies have major investments in Functional Programming. Notable abstainer: Google. Why?

New programmers with little experience to defend find it easier to learn new methodologies. Senior engineers will pick up new tech, like Functional Programming, if they’re 1) research/academic oriented, 2) easily bored, or 3) have little competitive drive.  FP seems to be most adopted by smaller companies, because it’s easier to hire/train up a critical mass of experts in the subject.

I’ve typed “Functional Programming and other new technologies”, although FP is as old as Lisp — 1950s!  There are theories why Lisp didn’t take over the world, but that’s another blog post.

Electric Duncan: The Future of Programming – Adopting The Functional Paradigm?