Never type a Bash command again with Infinite Shell History!

To turn on infinite history, add this to your ~/.bash_profile file :

# infinite timestamped history
export HISTSIZE=”

When next you log in, your terminal history will be saved forever!  I’m up to about 30,000 commands typed in the last two years.


Today I was looking up that command, you know, that one where you can hop in to Docker container running the main appserver, for debugging and testing.  IE: run a Bash shell on a named container.

I knew it was “docker exec…” something:

history | egrep docker.*exec

26790  2016-08-31 16:18:12 docker exec -it e3f bash

Oops, I found the command where I created a Bash shell in a specific Docker container.  I’d have to used “docker ps”, found the specific ID, and typed a second command to run a shell.  Lame.

How about running a command that uses docker ps to list containers, and gave it a “filter”, so that the same command always works?

history | egrep docker.*exec.*filter

24559  2016-08-05 14:07:37 docker exec -it $(docker ps –filter ancestor=theblacktux_web,status=running –quiet) bash

That’s it!

The above command will create a Bash shell in the currently running Docker container, where the container is running a custom version of the “theblacktux_web” appserver image.