Videos! For “Platonic Solids of Quality” and “Functional Programming and Django QuerySets”

I’ve been remiss in posting my videos.  The last two talks went really well

Platonic Solids of Quality

As people who produce awesome stuff, there are a lot of tools we can use to work less and simplify our workflow. This talk introduces many techniques from Agile Testing and other sources so we can all do more things faster.

Functional Programming and Django QuerySets

This talk is a quick overview of Python iterators and why to use them, then combining iterators in Functional Programming (vs procedural and object oriented programming). Lastly I show how to use these ideas in order to better understand and test Django QuerySets.

I have another talk video somewhere, but it’s about using Selenium for testing and thus has rather a bit of profanity in it.  No link.

Thanks to Don Westland for recording-editing these for me!