Appearances in October

Hi all! I love helping people.  For this month I’ll be at these locations:

– 10/18: Mentorship Night with Girl Develop It LA!

This event helps intro developers gain confidence and industry knowledge, so they can make awesome stuff and/or get jobs.  I’ve had great fun volunteering for Girl Develop It the last two years, and am curious about extending my time to the Learn Teach Code group.

– 10/24: October meetup at Coding Dojo in Burbank

I’ve been attending to and speaking at the Socal Python group for years. As of this year I’m also coordinating. The people are so friendly and open! It’s fun just to hang out with such easy and mellow people month after month, even when discussing esoteric technical topics.

This month one talk is on Bokeh, a cool Python visualization framework. This is great for the Data Science people, as Python is the dominant platform, so a graphical package is very helpful.  And, one of my projects Shotglass is using Bokeh in a modest way, to visually understand large collections of source code.

I hope to see you there, at Burbank and Culver City!