Appearances June 2018

hi all!  Here are upcoming events at which I’ll be speaking

– 6/7: private event, talking about Infrastructure as Code on a panel

This is going to be fun! I haven’t spoken on a panel before. The audience is a bit different, C-level executives. I won’t have any slides filled with dense code, but I will have a cat t-shirt. My goal is to sip wine, be quiet, and support my fellow speakers.

– 6/14 at Testable LA, I’ll be talking about the Testing Pyramid and Feedback Loops.  Feel free to come by and say hi! Meetup link => Testable LA: Monthly Meetup

This talk is an expansion of my Platonic Solids of Quality work. In this update I’ll skim over the Testing Pyramid, then enumerate the different Feedback patterns we use to write code but also steer the ship of our company.

The traditional Testing Pyramid has higher-level UI tests on top, medium-level API tests in the middle, and small Unit Tests on the bottom.  Tests higher in the pyramid run more code, but also give less specific feedback about exactly what’s going on.  Low level unit tests are great in that they’re super fast, easy to write, and allow us to validate exactly which inputs correspond to exactly which outputs. In practical, for-real, professional projects, how much effort should be spent at which types of tests? How do we as a team achieve our goal with the least amount of chaos and drama?