3 big items for 2020!

Hi all! I have three things:

  1. I’ll be speaking at the Write the Docs in January on “Pomodoro and Agile are Chocolate and Peanut Butter”, how how these two feedback techniques fit together really well.
  2. With luck my talk for PyBeach (February) will be approved. I’ll be speaking on “Developers Eat Last” — devs should work on things in a top-down manner, focusing on business value, to ensure devs always work on cool stuff which makes it to production.
  3. My book, currently untitled, is now taking shape! I’ve talked about T-Shaped Development, Feedback Loops, Testing Pyramid, and Agile Quadrants for quite a while now, and it’s time to integrate and publish all this wisdom in one volume. As part of this I recorded my first podcast(!), with Jason Williscroft, which is currently in the editing phase.