talk Thursday: Networking Tricks with the Linux Kernel

Appearance, Dev, DevOps
If you're in LA, come see me Thursday at the Unix Users meeting!Everyone knows about networking. The Linux kernel provides a wide range of networking and other services, most of which are not generally known. In fact, a lot of what "everyone knows" is wrong or is lacking in detail. In this talk I'll give a technical survey of what's available and how to use it to accomplish magic tricks. With the right knowledge,our software can do great things without much code!
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talk: "Tricking out Linux kernel networking" tomorrow night

Appearance, DevOps
I'll be giving an excerpt of this talk tomorrow at Santa Monica Coloft -- please drop by! Summary: "We are all familiar with classical TCP sockets. The Linux kernel gives us lots of other sockets, and internal services, to accomplish cool tricks with minimal effort." The full thing will wind up to be around two hours, so this 20-30 min version will be less code and more jazz hands, which will make it fun!
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talk TOMORROW in Santa Monica

I'm proud to be the inaugural speaker at the Professional Python (ProPy|LA) group!  We'll be meeting Tuesday 7/22/2014 in Santa Monica at TrueCar.  Food and drink will be served.The talk is "Django QuerySets and Functional Programming."  A version of this talk was given before, but it has been expanded for tomorrow's session. The ProPy group is a higher-level group, so this talk will go right to the good stuff: benefits of Functional Programming, FP with iterators in Python, and using this view to clearly understand Django QuerySets.Hope to see you there!event: Let's meetup and talk Python! ~ ProPyLA- john
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Class Topics 2Q2014

Appearance, Dev
I'm now available for teaching classes.  I have 15+ years experience with Python and the Web, 5 with Django, and ... many with Linux and Devops.  To see one of these talks, or to customize one for your group, please ping me at LinkedIn or visit the LA Django, SoCal AngularJS, or LA DevOps meetups.Upcoming talks:- Intermediate Django Class-based ViewsIncludes CBVs were a Mistake- Modern Django Stack with WebSocket supportIdeas:- Something Devops: high level, aka "Why All the Things?"Dev and Operations can be seen as opposites.  From a high level, we have several "knobs" to twiddle in a company -- Devops is one such arrangement.  How can we make concrete decisions to move our project forward?  How can we be creative enough to see the entire range of options? Most importantly: how can…
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