strace to the rescue, or, program uses mysterious config defaults

Dev, DevOps, Testing
Strace is a powerful tool that lets you debug other programs, and find where config files are found.Programs have bugs.  They're written for one platform and ported to another.  In any case sometimes things don't work as they should.I manage this website using the rather nice FTP client lftp.  It can automatically "mirror" a local directory on my lappytop onto the web server. This means I don't manage the server directly, I only push files up, so if something happens I can switch to another server with very little hassle.Today I noticed I couldn't store the password to the FTP account. The documented command bookmark edit brought up an editor, but it didn't have my saved bookmark!  On my system it's misconfigured.  Bookmarks work, as I can do open jta to…
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