Fast Parallel Downloading (for apt-get)

Dev, DevOps
I'm rebuilding a Ubuntu server. Normally apt-get downloads one file at a time, which can get dull when you're installing 598 files. I found the tool "apt-fast" which downloads one or two files quickly, by downloading with multiple streams per file. This is somewhat sketchy, as it requires installation of additional software, assumes the file gets spliced together correctly, and doesn't gracefully handle network problems.I have a solution: xargsXargs walks on water. It is incredibly useful. In a nutshell, it runs a single command on a list of files. I'll post a lot more later, but here's how to speed up apt-get:cd /var/cache/apt/archives/apt-get -y --print-uris install ubuntu-desktop^ > debs.listegrep -o -e "http://[^']+" debs.list | xargs -l3 -P5 wget -nvapt-get -y install ubuntu-desktop^Replace "ubuntu-desktop^" with whichever task or package you want.…
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Agile Software Development

I suggest everyone run, not walk, to read Alistair Cockburn's "Agile Software Development (2nd edition)." He talks about how people learn, and how Agile turns software development into a "cooperative game", like rock climbing. That is, developers have different roles, and each role supports the others so the team can progress farther, producing more software features to deliver to the client.The author's notes on how people learn helped me immediately in my teaching practice. My classes are both more accessible (can help more people) and more focused (presenting more sophisticated knowledge.)(Note the 2nd ed is a bit different from the 1st, and so recommended.)
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